Donations on mobile

Mobile donations can have significant impact on fundraising organizations, but there is a lack of understanding regarding implementing donation functionality in mobile applications.

In this thesis, I discuss models of philanthropic behaviour, examples of mobile electronic funds transfer methods and guidelines for user experience to gain insight in philanthropy via mobile devices. A framework for donating via mobile devices is proposed and its purpose is demonstrated with the revision of an existing iOS application containing donation functionality.

To evaluate the difference between the original and revised version of that application, a between-subject, double-blind, randomized controlled study has been performed.

Analysis showed 12.7% of participants preferring an electronic funds transfer method available only in the experimental (i.e. revised) version of the application. The perceived security of the application and scores on the Systems Usability Scale did not differ between control and experimental group.

Participants in the experimental group had a higher intention to make a donation compared to control. This framework supports developers in successfully implementing donation functionality without adverse effects on the user experience.

A redesign of an existing donation sollicitation.

Feel free to read the entire report in PDF, or browse the slide deck.

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